Keeping Living Expenses Low is Actually Doable

Making Every Dollar Count

These days, it may seem like your dollars don’t stretch as far as they used to. This can be due to stagnant wages, rising food prices, higher costs of living, and a culture that emphasizes frequent tech upgrades while downplaying activities such as cooking at home. Fortunately, the job market is lively in cities such as Houston. Still, there’s much to be said for living as cheaply as possible.

Free Attractions and Activities

Houston is home to tons of cultural and recreational opportunities. Many, including George Bush Park and Buffalo Bayou Park, are free to use and often hosts free events such as concerts and festivals. Some venues and museums also offer free visiting days. You can also use popular ticket and tourist agencies in the area to see top attractions at reduced rates.

Housing Needs

Your ideal housing situation may involve living alone in Houston’s most luxurious neighborhood; however, if you’re young, it may not be realistic yet. By grouping with roommates to rent a Houston apartment, you can save money to eventually attain that goal. The good news is that rental prices in Houston are lower than the national median. If you cannot afford a house in Houston proper, explore options such as living in the suburbs.

Cooking at Home

Dining out in Houston can get expensive very quickly, especially if you want to eat out often. Instead, pack your lunches, and cook meals at home as much as possible. Make going out to restaurants a special treat. If you live with family or roommates, try cooking and sharing recipes together. It’s not only fun, but you might even get a great meal out of it.

Little Things Add Up

Houston is a driving city with mediocre public transportation, so many residents insist on having a car. However, you can turn to “slugging” for a free ride in the HOV lane with another commuter. Other little things you can do include canceling cable TV and getting a lower-cost cellphone plan. It’s also useful to track your spending to identify areas where you could possibly slash expenses.