From small projects to complete remodeling

Home Fix-Up Ideas

We all get the urge every now and then to do something different with our home. It may be small, simple things like adding wall decorations or replacing the bedspread with a new pattern. But sometimes circumstances are just right to do a bit more such as a complete remodel or room addition. If you don’t know where to start, here’s a few ideas.

Simple Fix-Ups

There are many fix-up projects you can do around the house that can be completed in one or two days. For example, highlighting just one wall, such a behind the bed or in the dining room, can be done easily by adding decorative wallpaper or wooden wall planks. Adding crown molding between the wall and ceiling can give a room more character. Installing a backsplash above your countertops can really brighten up your kitchen. Painting your home’s interior and exterior trim a different color than the wall color will bring contrast into view.

Dramatic Fix-Ups

If you want to change everything about your home, then you’ll need to start with a design plan. Whole house, bathroom, and kitchen design software is available to help you design every inch of your project. In the kitchen, you can rearrange cabinets, test different flooring materials, hide appliances, and add lots of accessories. In the bathroom, tubs can be replaced with walk-in showers, vanities can be upgraded with dual sinks and modern faucets, and the toilet can be replaced with one that has water-saving features.

Room Additions

One of the most exciting home remodeling projects you can do is to add more space to your existing home’s floor plan. Kitchens can be extended so there’s more room to add a food preparation island or a breakfast dining nook. You can add a master bathroom to connect with the master bedroom with room for a Roman or whirlpool bathtub. Adding a family room will probably be the most popular room in the house where the family can watch a big-screen tv, play billiards, have video game contests, or entertain friends and guests.

Keep Your House Looking Good

Whatever your desires are to fix up your house, whether it is to replace old or damaged items, or to add a second story to part or all of the house, you are sure to enjoy the benefits of your efforts. Not only will your house look better but it will probably have an increased value when it is time to sell.